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Agriturismo "L'Orlo del Bosco"

Immersed in the lush nature of the Valdarno, located in the Hell Valley reserve.

The nature reserve of the Valle dell'Inferno and Bandella is a protected natural area of ​​Tuscany located along the Valdarno area of the Arno.

The legend tells that Dante Alighieri passing through these parts found the ferryman named Caronte who made the wayfarers cross the Arno, and from his name and these impervious places he would have been inspired for the “Divine Comedy”.
In the Valle dell'Inferno and Bandella Nature Reserve, the woods are populated by special flora and fauna. The Monticello Visitor Center (Terranuova Bracciolini, AR) can be used upon reservation. The paths of the Nature Reserve are freely passable, while the equipped area of ​​Castiglioncello is accessible for guided tours.
In the basin of the Valle dell'Inferno there is a Guided Tours service with a boat from the Province of Arezzo.

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